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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DEBBI BURTON & COMPANY TAKES YOUR PRIVACY SERIOUSLY. This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, so please check back frequently.

What information is collected from me?
The kinds of information we collect from you will vary, depending on how you use our Web site. It's possible to browse our sites without submitting any personally identifiable information at all, but if you choose to take advantage of some of our services, you may be asked to provide information such as your real name, e-mail address, phone number, or address.

In addition to the information you choose to submit, our systems are set up to gather certain anonymous data to help us better understand how our site is being used and how we can improve them. This automatically gathered data includes your computer's IP or "Internet Protocol" address, statistics about how visitors navigate through our sites, and information provided through the use of "cookies" .

How is my information used?
The use of your information depends on the context in which it is collected.

Cookies: These are small files that we send to and store on your computer so that we may recognize it as a unique machine the next time you visit our site. Our cookies are used to help us understand the size of our audience and their traffic patterns within our network.

User-Requested Services: You may choose to request services of a more substantial or personal nature when using our Web sites. The information you submit is used by us to provide the service you've requested.

User-Initiated Communication: Our Web site enables you to send e-mail to us, and may support live chats. Whenever you choose to initiate these kinds of communication with us, you may expect to be contacted in return.

Referrals: If you participate in any referral service we may offer, we will use the information you submit to determine which of our participating professionals may be able to serve your needs. We may then forward your name, contact information, and other responses to our sign-up form to the selected professional(s), who may then contact you using that information.

Automatically Gathered Data: The information gathered automatically by our system—such as your computer's IP address, the kind of browser you're using, and a record of your navigation through our site—may be used by our team so we can understand how to make our site convenient and useful to our audience.

What choices do I have regarding the use of my information?
Reading this Privacy Policy should help you understand how any information you share with us might be used. If you feel concerned about any of these uses, you might elect not to participate in certain services or features that we offer. We will never collect personal information about you without your knowledge, so the decision whether or not to share this information is completely up to you.

How do I "opt-out"?
You also have the ability to terminate e-mail correspondence from us at any time. You will either be given the chance to opt out of direct mailings when you disclose your e-mail address to us, or you can simply send an E-Mail to remove@debbiburton.com with only your E-mail in the subject line, and we will promptly remove your address from our contact database.

If you feel concerned about the cookies that are sent between our computers and yours, you may, through your Web browser, either choose to reject them automatically, or have your computer prompt you before accepting them. Generally this is done by selecting the appropriate cookies setting on your Web browser, usually found in "Internet Options" or "Preferences."

How is my information protected?
Whenever personal information about you is stored on our computers, that information is password-protected from unauthorized access or use. In addition, this information is kept only on servers that are located behind a "firewall," which makes their contents inaccessible to outside users.

Of course, we appreciate your help in safeguarding the integrity of your own and others' privacy. We hope you'll use common sense whenever you disclose personal information over the Internet. Just as importantly, we encourage you to let us know immediately if you suspect that the information you share with us is being used in any way contrary to this Privacy Policy.

Scope of This Privacy Policy: Outside Links
This Privacy Policy only applies to Web sites owned or operated by Debbi Burton & Company. Our pages contain links to sites outside our control. Please be aware that these sites may collect information about you, and operate according to their own privacy practices which may differ from this Privacy Policy. Remember that once you're outside our family of Web sites, any information you submit is outside of our control.