Over the 28 years I’ve worked in real estate, I’ve been listening to the same complaints from buyers as I walk them through their potential homes – “This room is so dark” or the opposite, “I hate white walls!” Of course there are other issues, but the ones that seem the most consistent always have to do with color. Fortunately, that’s the easiest thing to change!

So what do buyers want and what can sellers do to get their home sold – use my magic color! A few years ago, I was working with a seller who was relocating and wanted to sell their 10-year-old house in Shelburne, Vermont. After several months on the market, the house had received a lot of interest but a successful sale still had not been made. To remedy the situation, I hired a decorator who helped me identify the problem – every room was the original “builder white” typically seen in new construction. That’s when we discovered the “magic color”.

Home buyers are naturally drawn to colors which make them feel happy, ones that make rooms look larger if they are naturally small, and ones that make darker rooms lighter. Probably the color that most effectively accomplishes all of these is a soft warm gold, almost like butter, called “Filtered Sunlight”. After the meeting with the decorator, I instructed my sellers to hire a painter. After the new paint which contrasted beautifully with the cherry floors in the dining room, kitchen, and breakfast area, had been applied, the house sold quickly. The buyers said the reason they bought the house was because the colors worked perfectly for them and it seemed as though they could just move right in.

“Filtered Sunlight” has become one of my best tools in my portfolio of tips and tricks for sellers and it does the trick every time. It works with blues, greens, neutral earth tons, reds, and even black accents! If you’re serious about selling, give me call and think about investing in paint. It’s a quick and affordable fix with a great result.